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  • Education

    Get educated! A number of fine Moroccan and Western schools are available in Morocco thus ensuring the highest level of grade and tertiary education.

  • Famous Moroccan People

    We have compiled an interesting list of famous Moroccan people, however feel free to send us suggestions of other famous Moroccan people who you believe should be added.

  • Moroccan Proverbs

    A few words from the wise. Get clued up on some common proverbs and sayings used in and around Morocco.

  • Folklore

    A fascinating bit of insight into the intricate and historical folklore of Morocco. Learn about their dances, music and more. Moroccan Folklore is extremely diverse and equally fascinating. Even to say that it is diverse would be a massive understatement. The folklore varies in different areas, amongst different tribes and even from one language to another. The folklore traditions are as ...

  • Weddings Customs

    Every culture treasures the wedding ceremony in some way. Traditions and ceremonies differ in each land and Morocco is no exception. Read on to learn more about a few Moroccan wedding traditions.

  • Celebrations

    Know where to be and when to be there! A guide to some of the cultural, historical and religious holidays and festivals throughout the year in Morocco.

  • Art Galleries

    Feast your eyes on stunning masterpieces by many local and international artists at the art galleries featured on Morocco.com.

  • People

    It has often been said that the people are the pulse of a nation. The rich culture and diversity of Morocco is reflected in every inch of the vibrant nation that trade frantically and enthusiastically in the bustling streets while songs of worship ring out overhead. These people have a long and fascinating heritage and, though they've slowly started to embrace the modernizing of their world, ...

  • Ancient Morocco

    Morocco is an ancient country with a strong sense of culture. Though the ancient culture of Morocco has influenced its people for centuries, it is diverse and seems to have been derived from several other ancient cultures. If you would like to know more about the history, developments and influences of this country’s unusual culture, you will no doubt enjoy reading our basic description of ...

  • Language

    Though most of us are not born linguists, striving to achieve even a small level of communication between ourselves and the inhabitants of the country we are visiting can be a most rewarding endeavor. Because of the varied historical influences on the people of Morocco, there is a large variety of languages spoken throughout the country. In order to help you in your pursuit to communicate ...