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  • Ibis Moussafir Rabat

    Located at 32-34 rue Abderrahmanne El Ghafiki place de la Gare in Rabat, the Ibis Moussafir Rabat Hotel provides comfortable and stylish accommodation right in the city center. The hotel is just 20 minutes from the nearest railway station, 15 minutes from the beach, village of Moroccan arts and zoological gardens and 10 minutes from the Mohammed V Mausoleum, the Kasbah des Oudayas and the ...

  • Sofitel Rabat Jardin Des Roses

    Located in one of Rabat’s more elite districts, the Sofitel Rabat Jardin Des Roses provides guests with an oasis of pleasure. The hotel is situated in 17 acres of beautiful Andalusian gardens and is just a short distance from both the Atlantic Ocean and the administrative and business center of Rabat. This makes it ideal for both business or leisure travelers.

  • Sofitel Palais Jamais Fez

    There is an establishment in Morocco where visitors to the country can live within a historical masterpiece. Originally constructed in 1879, the beautifully designed structure, showcasing detailed decorations in the Moorish style, was once the residence of Grand Vizir of Jamai. Now it allows its guests to share in the grandeur and magnificence of the building. Surrounded by breathtaking ...

  • Sofitel Marrakech Lounge & Spa

    The Sofitel Marrakech Lounge and Spa hotel has been designed with the goal of providing guests with stylish and luxurious accommodation, while creating a retreat that rejuvenates and relaxes. Its contemporary Andualusian design and décor is enhanced by breathtaking gardens that surround the hotel, and all its services and facilities are focused on providing comfort and convenience to all its ...

  • Novotel Casablanca City Centre

    The Novotel Casablanca City Centre Hotel strives to provide travelers, business people and families with luxury, affordable accommodation, first class services and top facilities. Located in the city centre of Casablanca, guests have convenient access to transport, activities and some of the city’s most popular attractions. With breathtaking views of the Great Hassan II Mosque and the port ...

  • Ethnographic Museum Tetouan

    The first Ethnographic Museum in Tetouan was founded in 1928 and was known as the 'Museum of Indigenous Arts' or as the 'Muslim House'. However the museum and its endless variety of exhibits was moved to the old military fortress of Sultan Moulay Abderrahman in 1948, which had been renovated to house the new and improved Ethnographic Museum in Tetouan. The Ethnographic Museum is an ...

  • Cuisine

    Moroccan cuisine has been enriched by the many aspects of its long and eventful history and over the centuries has been refined into a fascinating blend of Arab, Berber, Middle Eastern, Moorish, Iberian, Mediterranean, African and Jewish influences which is uniquely Moroccan.

  • Moroccan Recipes

    Bring Morocco home! Try these recipes at home, light some candles and let your imagination run free as you taste the flavors of Moroccan cuisine.

  • Restaurant Guide

    Morocco boasts a wide variety of restaurants and cafés in and around its cities, that either specialize in a particular cuisine, such as French, Italian or Oriental, or offer a range of tantalizing treats on the menu. Of course, a Moroccan adventure must include exploring the delights of traditional Moroccan cuisine and you'll find many restaurants and cafés offering expertly prepared ...

  • Moroccan Dishes

    Take your taste-buds on a rollercoaster ride of spices, flavors and textures. This guide to Moroccan cuisine and dishes will whet your appetite for a taste of Morocco.