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  • Dar Batha

    If you have an appreciation for art, craft and history, the Dar Batha Museum in Morocco is a must-see attraction. This excellent collection of artifacts is housed in a Hispano-Moorish palace that dates back to the 19th century – a beautiful piece of art in itself. Located in Fez, the Dar Batha Museum is a tribute to some of the most brilliant traditional artwork of Fez.

  • Frederic Damgaard

    Art is so varied from one artist to the next that people often find themselves asking ‘is it art?’ In the broadest meaning of the word, art can be defined as being the expression of creativity and imagination. However, art is often most valued when the skill needed to produce an artwork is particularly difficult – for otherwise anyone could produce art and art would lose its value in the ...

  • Art

    The eclectic pulse and electrifying atmosphere that can be enjoyed throughout Morocco is largely captured through the brilliant colors and bold designs that are visible in every city. The diverseness of the landscape and the intensity of the culture have been captured in many forms by artists and craftsmen. These can be found in the art galleries of Morocco, as well as in the country's ...

  • Art Galleries

    Feast your eyes on stunning masterpieces by many local and international artists at the art galleries featured on Morocco.com.