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  • Guelmim-Es Semara

    With the southern half of the region of Guelmim-Es Semara falls into the disputed territory of Western Sahara. The region is home to around half a million people and has Guelmim as its capital city. The region of Guelmim-Es Semara covers 122 825 square kilometers and includes the provinces of Assa-Zag, Es Semara, Guelmim, Tan-Tan […]

  • Ouarzazate

    Morocco's own special home of film, Ouarzazate lies in a valley at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. Most of its visitors are tourists who are making their way to the Sahara Desert. They stop here to stock up on provisions before making their way out to one of the greatest desserts in the world. Whether you are visiting just to see the sights or if you too are headed out to the Sahara, you ...