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    It’s here. A Cyber-shot™ digital camera and a small and sophisticated feature-packed 3G phone all in one. Bring the K800i with you and you have a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, image and video stabilizer and built-in Xenon flash ready for any moment, anytime.

    The W950i Walkman® is a slim and stylish mobile phone with an advanced digital music player and large touchscreen for optimal ease of use. Using the W950i is easy. The keypad of the slim W950i is smooth and flush with the surface, and the dedicated music player keys and other controls have one-press-to-open functionality. You can also transfer hours of your favourite music from your PC to your phone quickly and easily. The W950i has an impressive 4GB of flash memory.

    Whether you're a TV aficionado or a sporadic viewer, you'll soon be able to watch your favorite shows on your device. The Nokia N92 works in conjunction with Digital Video Broadcast Handheld (DVB-H*) technology to deliver live digital TV broadcasts on the move. The large 2.8" screen is equipped with 16 million colors for the optimum TV viewing experience. * DVB-H is only applicable where service is available.Together with an in-built music player, FM radio, 2 megapixel camera, video recorder and video call capability, the Nokia N92 is your easy-to-use, compact entertainment package

    Awaken all of your senses and experience the world in a brand new way. The Nokia N80 is a quadband GSM 3G device boasting email, personal organizer, MP3 player and 3 megapixel camera. So now you can talk in pictures, argue in film, shout in color and laugh in song. There's an endless story unfolding around you. Add your piece to it, in any form your mind imagines.


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      It is very beautiful but it is too much complicated for me


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        My favorites..
        Nokia 6111
        Nokia 3250

        I have this one

        I long to have this one in the future


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          Waw Freemocy
          I'm with old Nokia...6610


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            My fone at the moment...gona wait till da new sony ericcson comes out, they looking good!


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              At the moment I have a samsungD900. I 've been happy with this and has lasted well. My daughter has just bought an apple Iphone, which is so amazing I'm thinking when I change this is what I will go for. Only problem being I will have to change from my service provider as my current was not not have Iphone. This is a shame. But it is a seriously beautiful peice of kit I may have to have one.
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