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How A Foreign Terrorist Can Easily Enter Pakistan

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  • How A Foreign Terrorist Can Easily Enter Pakistan

    Written by a patriotic customs officer in Karachi.Name withheld to protect his identity.

    1. Thousands of illegal immigrants return to Pakistan on a monthly basis from Middle Eastern countries, especially, UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

    2. Most of these travel to the Middle East illegally without visas. The route that is mainly used is :- Karachi to Iran (via CAR), Iran to Oman/UAE via boat.

    3. If they are caught in the waters of Oman/UAE or on the mainland they are usually kept in detention centres for 7-21days and then sent back to their country of origin (PAKISTAN). From UAE they are sent back via Aeroplane and if they are caught in Oman they are sent back by boat.

    4. Once the person is caught in UAE or Oman by local law enforcement agencies they are aked what is their country of origin.

    5. If they state Pakistan as country of origin they are asked to verify this claim, when an official from the Pakistani Embassy/Consulate visits the detention centre. Once they ask the questions they issue an official document for the person to return to Pakistan. This document is officially called an OUTPASS or Temporary Passport.

    6. When an official from the embassy visits they ask you for your:-


    Address in Pakistan-

    Details of when and how you entered UAE/Oman-

    Name of Agent who took you from Pakistan-

    Copy of National Identification Card-

    7. The alarming thing is that even if you don’t have a National ID CARD, you are still issued with an OutPass. An interesting sentence on the OutPass states “This document is not proof that you are a Pakistani National and this is subject to verification from F.I.A (Federal Investigation Agency) at Karachi airport/seaport”.

    8. Once the OutPass is issued the people are sent on the next available flight/boat to Karachi airport/Karachi port.

    9. When the people reach Karachi sea port they are received by FIA agents and Karachi police.

    10. They are divided into different groups according to their province of residence (i.e. Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, NWFP).

    11. Approx 12-15 FIA officers start the registration process and call people from the 4 different groups. When each individual person is called they are asked, the following questions:-

    Name & Fathers name,

    Date of Birth,

    Address in Pakistan,

    Details of when and how you entered UAE/Oman,

    Name of Agent who took you from Pakistan,

    Name or your local MNA / MPA,

    Name of any landmarks in your city of residence,

    Copy of National Identification Card.

    12. With the exception of your Name, DOB and Address none of the questions are considered compulsory. And MOST ALAMRMING AGAIN is that if you do not have a copy of your ID Card your are asked to provide the ID card number or ID Card number of any family member.

    IF U CANNOT DO THIS, you are abused by the FIA agent with a few urdu swear words and then told that if you don’t have a number then think of 13 digits and write that down as your ID card number or ask the person next to you for their ID card number and just change 2-3digits and you write this down as your ID Card number.

    Once you have given this FAKE ID CARD Number you are taken to have computer department where these details are typed on the computer system and a photo is taken by the webcam of the computer.


    This is a massive security lapse and is without doubt being used by foreign terrorists to enter Pakistan. Source - Pakistan Ideology