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Jihad- A Question Today

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  • Jihad- A Question Today

    The concept of Jihad in Islam has been grossly misunderstood, rather distorted. In the West where it has been presented as barbarism, as aggressive use of brute force. The term militant Islam which has been in vogue in the world press recently, this is a follow-up of this very approach to the fundamental concept of Islam and a continuation of the old Jihad phobia of the non-Muslims.

    The after-affects of the Crusades which badly affected the relations between the Muslims and the Christians still linger on. European Christians are still smarting under that defeat. They have therefore tried all sorts of means to eliminate the spirit of Jihad from amongst the Muslims as it was this spirit that reduced their designs to dust. Through malicious propaganda campaigns, distortion on the true concept of Jihad and labeling of Muslims as barbarous killers and usurpers they have depicted a horribly ugly picture of Islam in the eyes of the world. The significance of Jihad must therefore be elucidates in the light of the Holy Quran.

    Jihad means striving utmost to achieve an objective. The primary objective before the Muslims is establishment of a social order based on the Quranic fundamental principles. All efforts to that end fall with in the meaning of Jihad. Armed fight against formidable
    resistance by self-seeking people which is called Qatal is also Jihad and has been allowed by the Quran in extreme circumstances. Islam is a Deen (system) of peace and protection.

    Three questions arise here:

    (1) Is Islam really a deen of peace, justice, and tolerance?
    (2) Does it allow discriminate fighting against the enemy or has it laid down certain checks and rules for it?
    (3) Under what circumstances did the Muslims fight against non-Muslims?

    Source - Pakistan Ideology