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Is It USA? Behind Terrorist Attacks in Pakistan

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  • Is It USA? Behind Terrorist Attacks in Pakistan

    Pakistan is facing increasing challenges of terrorism each day despite the efforts of army, initiatives in parliament, media and some youth forums. Most people in Pakistan understand that terrorism is not solely a home grown dragon although some high-ups in Pakistan nurtured it for their own personal and political interests. It may have its ancestry dating back to US interest against Russia in the region, but even that is not of such prime importance. The fact is that no suicide bomb blasts were to be seen in Pakistan just four years ago (none for all those 58 years actually), no one even knew the name of TTP at that time. If it was a home grown Pakistani Taliban organization only, why they did not show any visibility or reaction when US attacked Afghanistan in early 2002, even after Iraq invasion they were nowhere to be seen. How come they started showing up all of a sudden when our rulers wanted to enhance foreign aid offers and strengthen their regimes.

    It would be extremely surprising if the analysts and educated public in general are not aware of the fact that TTP has been seeded and grown by enemy agencies specifically as they could not initiate any overt operations against Pakistan (being a nuclear power). There are numerous reports and analysis available to prove this claim. The enemies have long been working on covert operations and this wave of terrorism in Pakistan is a result of these covert operations in which the suicide bombers are usually locally hired and in some cases kidnapped and trained to do the requisite jobs. Now comes the question of local support of the network by foreign agencies and the exploitation of the locals done by them, thus taking advantage of poverty and lack of education of true religious values. None of the sects of Islam supports suicide attacks on civilians [sada zamir -]