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Why People Of Pakistan Want A Change

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  • Why People Of Pakistan Want A Change

    Hi Folks

    Since the creation of our country the factors unifying the people of Pakistan have been losing their glueyness. Selfish governance, lack of political reforms, undemocratic progress, nonexistence of justice, subjugation of farmers and workers by the feudal lords and businessmen, absence of merit, non-provision of equivalent opportunities to each Pakistani and, above all, the rejection of quality education to a immense majority of Pakistanis are only some of the reasons that come to mind as things liable for the cracks that we see in our state organization.

    The generation before us and the one that is now diminishing had lived under a colonial power they were used to being governed as slaves. The change of the color of the skin of the masters on 14 August 1947 did not make much difference to that generation and they accepted the new local masters with the same mindless attitude. Only having an independent country and a flag that they could call their own was good enough to have the situation going. Their steady devotion and nationalism to Pakistan was estimable. It is not those generations but those of them that ruled the new country in their name that let Pakistan down and are responsible for the mess that we are in today.

    World have changed and it is time to understand this and go with the currents of time. This new generation of Pakistanis and the ones that live overseas and crave to return to Pakistan are our key resource that must be valve. It is now time for those who drive the wheel of the destiny of this country to return to the sketch book and redesign the lines of the future of this deprived nation so that it starts moving as a growing and civilized country.

    Robust Pakistan is the only shield against this from evil happening.

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