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Ethnic Cleansing Policies of Wolf in Palestine

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  • Ethnic Cleansing Policies of Wolf in Palestine

    Dear Readers

    A beautiful article written by perter chamberlin; Must read stuff.

    Zionist leaders have taught that Israel can only exist, that it can only have peace and security, by beating the Palestinians (and indeed the entire Arab world) into total submission to its demands. Since the earliest days, Zionist leaders have recognized the need to forcefully dictate terms of surrender to the Palestinians, to the Arab world, even to all the Jews of the diaspora, in order to colonize the land formerly known as Israel . The central demand in this involuntary agreement calls for a Jewish majority to be established in Eretz Yisrael by physical intimidation (including the West Bank and Gaza ) and absolute Israeli dominance over all the land of “Greater Israel” (from southern Turkey to the Nile River , all the way to the Euphrates River.

    The militant teachings of Vladimir (“Wolf”) Jabotinsky, the father of Jewish self-defense and creator of the Iron Wall doctrine, have formed the basis for much of the Israeli government policies toward the native Palestinian population. The Iron Wall doctrine envisioned by him has been given physical form in the great wall dividing them from the Palestinians. These policies call for the use force, restrictions and imposed suffering, to drive the Palestinians to desperation and eventual resignation to their imposed fate. To quote David Ben-Guriont; We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population.

    To this end, it was advisable to encourage the Palestinian militants into attempting suicidal self-defense, in order to teach them the futility of resistance. The notoriously controversial Koenig Report/Memorandum [6] highlights a series of punitive measures intended to educate the angry Palestinians with these lessons of Zionism. This fits in with the covert Israeli policies that have been enacted since then, which fostered the creation of Hamas, as a means to agitate and radicalize the Arabs and bleed the PLO. These policies of promoting radicalism were cited by former UN Ambassador Alvaro de Soto , when he turned in his resignation in protest of Israel policies. The Zionists have sought to make them into a refugee people in their own country, without rights or hope, even as they were made into a refugee population, after they were expelled from their desert home. The Palestinians cannot be allowed their own & right of return. The Palestinian claim to the same right demanded by the Zionists is considered to be an obstacle to peace. [15] It is considered to be an attempt to demographically overrun Israel, a “back-door attempt to destroy Israel and deny our right to exist... Palestine and the Arab states, not Israel, are the solution to the refugee problem.” For Zionism to work, Palestinians cannot be allowed to have rights.

    The Betar Youth movement is a militant ideological movement that both indoctrinates young Zionist men and provides them with military training. [16] Such a facility in the Islamic world would be called a “terrorist training camp.” Similar efforts in Nazi Germany produced thousands of “Hitler youth.” The CIA followed this pattern of indoctrination and paramilitary training in its Islamic training camps in the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Replication of these camps and tactics throughout the Islamic world has produced the generation of Islamic militant terrorists that fight the United States all over the world today. America’s use of militant Zionist tactics has produced the flood of refugees that plague the Middle East and caused our defeat in the war on terrorism. American support of Israel , as it enforces these brutal policies, not only makes us complicit in Israel ’s ethnic cleansing, it reinforces stereotypical idea that the war on terrorism is really a crusade against all Islam. (Written by Peter Chamberlin)

    This is what all going on in Swat, Pakistan, first phase of evolving there devilish plan.

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    The happenings in swat are pakistan's own doing of encouraging terror and terrorists camps and encouraging taliban to have a free hand.
    The help the seeked from taliban to fight proxy war or terror against india is now coming hard in to their faces.
    Its time ppl there understood the truth.