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US backed rebellion getting crushed in Swat

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  • US backed rebellion getting crushed in Swat

    Hi Folks

    One day or another we all have to leave this place (willingly or non willingly).What i like to address is to all those (nobles, poors, leaders, followers, men, women, business men, labour class, army men or politicans) Pakistan is our country if you cannot love her then think about those whom you love and who have shed their bloods to get this (1947) and even if your blood is thick white, then only consider yourselves as a tenant paying a rent for a roof. But if you will not do all these then u guys are no much to be called as human being what to say about Muslim. Anyways guys good news...plz read and beg to Allah Almighty for his mercy and forgiveness.

    We Are Proud of The Special Forces of Pakistan Army
    US & India backed rebellion getting crushed.

    Pakistan Army Special Forces made a daring drop of hundreds of commandoes in the heart of terrorist infested forests of Peochar valley of Swat. Now the TTP stronghold is surrounded and ground forces are moving in to link up with the commandoes blocking escape of terrorists. For the last 4 days, the valley is seeing heaviest fighting and SSG is taking great personal risks to block the escape of terrorists and to crush the terrorist den. We are proud of our SSG units fighting on ground. MASHALLAH. May Allah be with them and bless them with a quick victory. Militants are desperate now and are trying to break the siege but are facing heavy casualties, Alhamdolillah. This is going down in history as the single largest landing of Special Forces by the Pakistan Army to crush a foreign-backed rebellion. There are more stunning stories about the operation but we shall write about them later as now exposing them would compromise the security of our troops. Wait for more.

    Source: AhmedQuraishi & PakNationalists


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    AS-Salaamu 'alaykum,
    The information coming to me is that Pakistani forces, diplomatically backed by the US who have a vested interested in this struggle(the only reason they back anything), are fighting and have just defeated Taliban forces in the area. I am not saying my information is correct but it does seem to make more sense than what you are providing here which seems to be mere propaganda. For instance you have not mentioned the Taliban once and simply say 'the US and India backed rebellion', which is not implausible in itself but given the stakes of the war America is waging in Afghanistan, it’s over spill into Pakistan and the potentially dire consequences of the dissolution of the nuclear armed Pakistani state for the world entire, the version of events you are providing here seems highly unlikely given the context.

    Of course, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda themselves are at least in part the creation of global US subterfuge, having armed Osama bin laden and the mujaaHidiin to the teeth and plied his doom laden brain with murderous and maniacal method; and so in that sense I suppose there is some truth to your story but whatever backing they had in that regard is long gone!! As for India, sure enough, their dislike of Pakistan is no secret, but a distasteful and functional nuclear armed neighbour state is no doubt infinitely preferable to an utterly dissolved state with nuclear arms in the sweaty eager hands of fanatical groups!!!

    Logic, not morality (because this is malleable when the US is "pursuing its national interests" and i am quite sure there is nothing they would not stoop to in pursuit of such), contests the above article!

    Ma'a Salaama