Excellent opportunity to acquire a 7ha project with 4600m2 of building from a distressed developer.

The 60% completed project located Rte de Fez at 20km from Marrakech consists of 10 properties:

10 villas of 550m2 built + 3 villas of 750m2 to 950m2 built.

Extremely good payment terms (850.000 Eur cash injection immediately + 800.000 Eur deferred payment)

Based on conservative sales prices of 650 Eur/m2 we are confident the project will generate a minimum profit of 1.000.000- Eur with a cash injection of 850.000- Eur.

This makes a conservative Return of Investment of 118% over max 24 months.

For further details contact:

Christian at +212 0 661681993