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    Dear Readers

    Self preservation is a powerful force in humans, this exist on both personal & national level; in fact its a constant fear of facing a defeat, even on a intellectual level. In an attempt to avoid intellectual defeat, proof and evidence is created either consciously or subconsciously for beliefs that are held in them. Failure even in minor situations cause a feeling of being overwhelmed which is leading to an inferiority complex and a fear. This is why when people are confronted with something disproving their beliefs, their automatic reaction is to reject those new ideas and principles. They move towoards own ideas and construct fort of protection around themselves; and this is known as blind following, or taqleed. This manner of blind following is an opne enemy of knowledge and stand as opponent to all of invitation to the truth and to revolutionary movements. A vivid display of this is given by the nations to whom the various prophets were sent. To every prophet’s plea to follow the Guidance, the masses invariably responded ,How can we leave what has been passed down to us from our ancestors? We are not prepared to do this. In Quran chapter 43 verse 23 has highlighted this significant element;

    But this is not the first time that we are discussing this subject! Even before this, whenever God Almighty sent a Rasool to any socieity or region with a warning about the catastrophic results of their erroneous deeds, the people who were used to easy and luxurious way of life always opposed him. These people who shunned doing any research or in-depth study and did not work for their living were happy living off other people's labour and earnings. Instead of listening and ponder they said to the messengers that we have found our forefathers on a path; and verily we are going to follow their footsteps & will not abandon our current social practices. The outcome of denying the divine regulations by any society, group of people or civilization were, is and will be total destruction. Either been taken over by other nations (History is full of those events where one nation is replaced by other)? or faced the natural catastrophe like typhoons, twisters or earthquakes. Whatever the tool of replacement were used by nature but for sure those societies were wiped out.

    The only refuge is in the following the divine laws which is in Quran.

    Religion Islam

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    I respect what you say as it is what you as a muslim believe, and that is right for you. You mention blind followers, and I think this is true of any religion, there will always be people who will see certain aspects of a faith and how it will best fit into their life. I'm not saying this is right, but first and foremost we are all human and in order to evolve and progress I think we should in fact question all beliefs and not to blindly agree with what is said by others as fact.

    I also believe this too has been mentioned before. I think there is but one God, it matters not by what name you call him, as he answers to many. What is important that he is part of your life, different faiths have the same message that God teachs love, forgiveness and tollerence of others. At times it seems many who say they believe in God seem not to see or choose to ignore this simple message.

    This is just my opinion and my point of view, I do not intend to offend anyone and I hope indeed no one takes offence. Love to all.
    If you be loved, be worthy of love.


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      there is a hadith whihc i can not remember 100% but it goes soemthing like the prophet feared corrupt shiekhs for his ummah and those who follow blindly- i.e certain sects which spring to my mind are the brelwis- the sufis- and many more- we need to stop and take ourselves back to the basics and start over- the only thing we need to refer to is the quran and the hadeeth-
      there is also a verse in the quran about followinf religion of forefathers-
      it is our duty to educate oursleves and hence fall upon the right path-
      we can not expect someone else to tell us what islam is- when we are in our grave it will be us who have to answer- we cant turn to our sheikh and ask them!