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    Dear Readers

    If one looks at the general picture of the Muslim world today it is hard to find something positive on the horizon. There is political chaos and regional turmoil all over the Muslim world. Muslims seem to have lost control of their affairs. They feel frustrated and helpless. Many Muslim governments are persecuting their people in the name of Islam. Can Muslims hope for a better future under these circumstances?

    Allah Almighty has blessed Muslims with plenty of natural resources. Yet, they are dependent for most of their basic needs not to speak of their dependence in the field of science and technology and on knowledge in general. Their resources are being plundered and wasted on an unprecedented scale, while the majority population suffers extreme hardships. Muslims generally tend to blame others for their problems, few blame their rulers, others blame on one another. There may be truth in all of this, but what is lacking from Muslim discourse is an honest and intelligent diagnosis of problems, which Muslim ummah is facing. Representing almost a billion Muslims, the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) the official organ of the Muslim countries for discussing such problems & has become no more than a platform for passing resolutions upon resolutions of empty words with no teeth. No wonder it has been dubbed “Oh! I see!” Most other Islamic organizations, more or lesssuffer from a similar fate.

    There was a time when Muslims were the masters of the earth, controller of the destiny but today they are on a path of continuous decline. Why their condition is horrible, why they are facing self impose miserable poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition, disease and sickness. Why there is a feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, and frustration among the Muslims. Why they are just living for the sake of living without any sense of direction. Why their rulers nor the intellectuals of various muslim countries have any plan for these huge sufferings and embarssement.

    It is really painful to see them suffer, despite the best lands and resources they have like in Pakistan (balouchistan province). It is very important for those who are concerned about the future of the muslim ummah that to ponder about as to what to do inorder to remove the causes of Muslim decline? If not then we will be the part of that list of nations who were wiped out by the laws of Allah Almighty. For examples one can read Quran and also explore the history books.

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