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Ramadan, Quran And Muslims

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  • Ramadan, Quran And Muslims

    Dear Readers

    Islam is the name of the life of preservation of the self within the boundary walls of the Quran. For this purpose, it is necessary that the human (Muslims) must know as to what are the boundary walls of the Quran and along with it, he must also get himself up for self-control. The month of Ramadan is the specific instrument for inculcating and substantiating each of these two matters. In the modern terminology, call it a Training Camp or a Refresher Course. The fasting makes the human get himself up for leading striven-life through self-control. And its fixing is in this month, wherein the beginning of revelation of the Quran was initiated. It brings this stark fact to the fore-front that special arrangements during this Training Course should be made for gushing forth the entire Quran to the striven-people (Mujahedeen) so that they may fully comprehend as to what the connection of “the sword and the Quran” is with each other and how these two come to be the instrument for safeguarding each other.

    Cheers & Smiles