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Value Of Character In Islam

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  • Value Of Character In Islam

    Dear All

    Human beings occupy a unique place in the universe. By virtue of possessing a human body, men are part of the material world. Thus he is as much subject to natural laws as is any other object in the universe. Birth, growth, decay and death of the human body are natural processes and so are governed by the laws of nature. On the other hand men are also endowed with an inner self or ego which expresses itself as a free will which is inherent in the self. Since the self is a special gift given to mankind by God, it is not part of the material body of man. Although it uses the body as a vehicle for its expression, it is not bound by space and time and therefore not subject to any physical laws. Since the essence of self is freedom of choice, the Divine Will in the sphere of man performs this function as guidance and human beings can accept or reject this guidance. The Quran is very clear on this point: O Messenger Muhammad proclaim to the entire mankind that truth has come from your Rabb, whosoever may accept or reject it - Quran Chapter 18 verse 29

    In this universe man is the only creature who is given choice and discretion. Men decide to disobey God Almighty laws when his feelings and emotions overpower him. These emotions instigate him for personal gains as against universal good. He bypasses the laws of Allah Almighty and starts following his own emotions. At this stage his intellect manipulates him the ways and means to achieve these objects. These emotions or feelings and the intellect which guides such feelings to achieve the objectives are given the name of Iblis by the Quran (Because of this rebellious nature - according to Taj and Lane).

    Therefore those men who have decided and focused to develop their inner self (Character) in the light of Quran; they are the one defined as who so preserves human values against animal instincts is a man of character. Islam's main objective is to develop the character of every human being. The divine pattern to develop a character has mentioned in Quran, which tell us that there are higher values then biological means. Character (inner self) develops by looking after these higher values.

    Religion Islam

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    I just want to tell you that I have read this information you have posted and find it helpful and interesting.
    What can you do to compare to the Rain?


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      Then wot happen to the character of ppl spreading terrorism and killing innocent lifes. This terorrists too claim themselves to be followers of islam.
      Also aint it a foremost duty of good charactered islamic ppl to protest such atcs which bring disrepute to a entire community.

      There is a new bollywood movie called new-york where is a fbi official of indian origin tries to bring to justice the islamic millitants as he belives that a muslim he wants terror to end and bring in a good name to the religion.

      Rightly so mere words and code of conduct alone dont make a good human being with good character but stern actions and a non-biased way of life makes a good character.