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Impact Of Divisions In Today's Muslim World

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  • Impact Of Divisions In Today's Muslim World

    Hi Guys

    Contrary to the teachings of the Quran which prohibits any division of Muslims into sects, they have been subject to division and disintegration for the last few centuries, which is a result of this as a natural consequence of predecessor worship. Difference of opinion does occur among human beings and did occur even amongst the companions of the Messenger but they did not allow themselves to be divided into sects. But since the start of ancestral worship, the followers of particular Imams took their respective Imams to be infallible and assumed that the truth lay they said in matters of life. In other words all the others, besides them (the Imams) said was mere falsehood. This divided the Muslims among themselves and every sect became content with what the Imams gave them. From then onwards each sect struggled hard to prove that they themselves were right and others were wrong. They became devoid of tolerance and also of self effort to find out what was right and what was wrong. Thus they were not prepared to hear a word against their own particular belief not because they had good reason to do so but because anything going against the belief of their ancestors was impossible for them to tolerate. The differences between the sects are not necessarily on basic issues; even the differences on petty things have separated them from each other. The curious aspect of this situation lies in the fact that the laws of Fiqa are now the vestigial remnants of the Muslim rules from the past. Not a single Muslim or Islamic State based on Islamic principles which exist today but the differences based on the Fiqa laws continue to exist. A lot of energy is being wasted to keep up differences, in a same way least effort is being made to revive the Islamic state.

    Because of this divisions and disintegration among muslims give us a clear picture of the Muslim world today it is hard to find something positive on the horizon. There is political chaos, fanatic society and regional turmoil all over the Muslim world. Muslims seem to have lost control of their affairs, they feel frustrated and helpless. Many Muslim governments are persecuting their people in the name of Islam and muslim priests exploits common people in the name of Islam. So we Muslims hope for a better future under these circumstances?

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