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    Hi Folks

    Historians are often astonished to note how the Arabs could reach the height of their glory in such a short span of time, fourteen centuries earlier. But in fact there is nothing to be astonished about. Their glory was the natural consequence of acting in the guidance provided by the Quran. The most astonishing thing on the other hand is that which made the Muslim nation, after it reached the pinnacle of its glory by acting on the Quran and after it witnessed the results of such an action with its own eyes, then why they decline in every sphere of life and ultimately fall into an abyss? How did it happen that the veils of darkness mentioned above could manage to fall in between the light of the Quran and the followers of the Quran?

    The story is most painful and hair-raising and is worth listening to with rapt attention. It runs as follows: When the forces which opposed the rising tide of Islam in the 7th century A.D. noticed that the uneducated, unskilled, undisciplined and most backward people of the world living on dates for their subsistence had become the dominant power of the world within a very short period, they not only became jealous of this but also cautious. They simply could not bear the aliens treading on their territories and demolishing the structure of their ancient civilizations. The superior nations of that period were the Romans and the Persians who comprise the intelligentsia of that age. They were defeated and overrun by the Arabs who were far inferior to them in material resources. When Hermazan, the defeated Persian Governor was produced before Hazrat Omar !11 Caliph of Islam), the latter asked him why the Persians were now suffering defeat after defeat at the hands of Arabs while previously they could beat them back easily in any encounter. Hermazan replied that earlier the Persians had fought the Arabs alone but now they had to fight against the Arabs plus their God and it was not possible for them to defeat these two forces combined. How true his answer was when we look at the Quranic verse; “Truly God is with the believers.” - Al Anfall 8:19

    The Persians were men of wisdom and insight, they truly realized that Arabs would remain invincible in the battlefield so long as they were close followers of the Quran and that the only way to overpower them was to disassociate them from the guidance of the Quran and thus get them separated from their God. This was an important turning point in the history of Islam, and thus cam in waves of conspiracies which entirely changed the very face of Islam in the years to follow. All the basic concepts of the Quran on which the ‘Deen’ or social order established by Muhammad (peace be upon him) came into existence and were replaced one by one by ideas, beliefs and superstitions which were the outcome of human thinking. Muslims in their era of glory and triumph conquered both Romans and Persians but whereas the Roman empire was partly conquered, the Persian empire was not entirely subjugated but the edifice of its civilization was completely razed to the ground. It was natural thing which that they felt it deeply and maligned the minds of muslims in coming centuries. We all can see that Muslims of today have become an example of weakness and one with no divine objectives.

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