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    You buy a parrot with the purpose of bringing him up. You carefully put the bird in a cage, so that he may not be taken away by a cat. Then you provide him food and water to promote the growth of his body. You also take pains to teach him mimicry and take care that he learns to imitate some good words. In Arabic language this whole programmed is called Rabubiyyat, which means to provide nourishment, physical as well as mental. The one Who does so is called Rabb - Nourisher. In Quran the word Rabb come for Allah Almighty because He has created means for the nourishment of human body and has also created the faculty of learning in man. But in spite of all that, you know that there are so many people in the world who do not get enough food to appease their appetite, nor enough clothes to cover their bodies, nor do they own houses to live in, nor have they got enough means to get themselves treated during illness and nor have they any arrangement for the education of their children. In other words, they have not got enough means either for their own nourishment or for the physical and mental development of their children. Why it so happen, inspite of the fact that Allah Almighty has provided enough means for the maintenance of human beings? This is because the proper arrangement do not exist.

    It is the duty of Momins - Believers to make adequate arrangements so that all human beings are properly fed and their children are brought up in a proper way. The society in which such arrangements exist is called an Islamic Society or Islam symbol, and the way in which it get accomplished is called Islamic Moashrat, which means to live a life of Mutual cooperation, under Divine guidance.

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