Dear All

I would like to draw the attention of the guys of the Holy Quran to a few social problems creeping clandestinely in our society. It is due to miscommunication of life style, of values of life to live with on this planet. This miscommunication prevails throughout our society: in the family, in the community, between management and employees, between financial world and the Ministry of Finances, between government and people. This malfunctioning of communication has brought some inherent social issues. The cause of this malfunctioning in the social fabric is quite simple. For many years, the people in the developed countries worked hard to (a) restore their countries from the ruins of World War II, (b) develop the economy and (c) build a modern technological state. When they attained this great goal, they lost much of the motivating force that had knit their nations so tightly together. Now the present parents being enough affluent had provided their generation homes, meals, and extras that came to be thought of as basics - audio and video equipments, software, mobile phones, computers and plenty of newer technological devices to pursue. At present this generation of those affluents do not know what kind of life style to take up. With these basics, they started enjoying their life sitting in closed rooms. This brought confusion and uncertainty that has pulled the people further apart and caused a whole raft of social problems. This consequently made them socially withdrawn people.

Now these socially withdrawn people find it extremely painful to communicate with the outside world, and thus they have further turned to the tools: watching television, playing video games, owning computers, mobile phones, most of them having no friends - that all bring virtual reality into their closed rooms and hence brought suffering. This phenomenon is drowning them in a tsunami of technology, letting them sink even deeper into a labyrinth of confusion. That is why we feel dire need to bring the teachings of the Quran to the new generation for opening new vistas of intellectual horizon.

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