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  • Looking for a Penpal....

    Assalaamu'Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

    I hope this finds you all in the greatest of imaan. I'm Janan, 27 year old female from the USA. I am looking for a penpal from Morocco. I've been to Morocco before, in the cities of Rabat-Sale, and Kenitra. Hopefully, insha'Allah, I will be back in Morocco for summer months. Both cities I love a lot. Even would like to move there after I complete my university studies here in the states, insha'Allah. I am looking to relocate to Rabat-Sale, Kenitra, or Tangier in the north.

    Hope to meet some good interesting people via this website.



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    Salam Janan,
    How are you ? I have just seen your ad and yup would be great to have you as penpal :-) I'm from Agadir just moved here 5 weeks ago, I used to live in the UK.. if that's ok with u just let me know...hope to hear from u soon. tc Khalid

    Salam alikoum


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      You have a very beautiful name! .
      ...If you want to be succesfull, you have to resist love... Jihane S.

      The Netherlands, 荷兰, Niederlande, Pays-Bas, Hollanda, Hollandiya, Nederland, Нидерланды, オランダ, هولندا