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Divorce casablanca help please

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  • Divorce casablanca help please

    i have fallen in love with a beautiful lady in Casablanca

    She also loves me greatly, the problem we have is she was previously married

    Now her previous husband wont divorce her and we cannot get married have a family settledown

    Could you please for the love allah help us, we do not have alot money as i heard divorces are expensive

    I can bless you with blessings after salat please help or send us to someone who can help
    My blessing and prays are with you all


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    I thought divorce was relatively easy in Islam...I thought you just had to say the words three times or something...Failing that I guess your lady friend will have to try and persuade her husband that he would be better to divorce her and start again rather than stay married to someone who does not love him nd loves another. If he's just refusing to be spiteful, then sorry but I guess you're stuck between a rock and a hard place then. Best of luck.
    If you be loved, be worthy of love.