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  • how shall i act

    infront of my family in law the first time i see them. im very shy and im afraid they might misunderstand my way to be infront of them, then i meet my mom in law shall i kiss her hand or? im going to marry my fiancy in oct in morocco enshaallah and i want to make a good impression, so if anyone have some advices i would be very happy.¨

    baraka allahu fiki, karima

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    Hi Ilovemyhusband... (I like your user name) Maybe you ask your husband to be for guidance on what is considered proper ettiquette when meeting his parents? I would say just be yourself. If their son loves you and has chosen you for his wife...then I'm sure they will love you too.

    Congratulations on your upcoming marraige and I wish you both many years of happiness.
    If you be loved, be worthy of love.


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      salam aleikum, hehe thanx it was a excellent idea to ask my fiancy and i will enshaallah, but how would other girls react the first time they meet their family in law. my fiancy told me that they already loves me very much, we have talked together through skype, but i just want to make a good imbression of myself. and thanx for ur congrats. may u get ur wishes to cme true to enshaallah.¨

      baraka allahu fiki;karima


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        First time I met my inlaws... I decided whatever they thought of me I would have to be true to myself, and be myself. They could like me or not it was their choice. Lucky they liked me.
        If you be loved, be worthy of love.


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          Marriage Mobarak

          Salam. I think all that you have to do as Arwen said, just be yourself and act spontaneously. You can kiss their hands as traditional Moroccan greetings. But anyway, not kissing hands that will say if they will like you or not. Hope for you Good Luck