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    I am new here..i love being Moroccan ...I made the text below just for the is my own version of :You Know You're Moroccan if...

    You drink Moroccan tea with na3na3 (mint) more than 3 times a day
    You eat couscous with family every Friday
    You need 3 meals a cannot have a meal without bread.
    You suffer from unexpected hunger at any is very normal to eat chicken or meat in the middle of the night.
    During the month of Ramadan.. you always break your fast with shabakia and harirra love to fast yet you lose your temper quickly blaming your anger on the lack of coffee, food or cigarettes.
    Most of your relatives are named si Mohammed or Fatima.
    During your spend most of Fridays afternoon visiting your grand parents house or graves.
    If you are a guy , your mum would have the last word on your future wife.
    If you are a woman , you would spend most of your time fearing or hating your mother in law.
    If you are Berber, Your mum and most of your older female relatives have a tattoo on their faces, hands or foot.
    Like all Arabs,,you must own a satellite Dish
    You are always late..if you try to make an appointment with someone you would probably say see you between Duhr and 3assr prayers.
    You love to sit in coffee shops..just to stare at people especially women.
    You were told as a child to never pour hot water in the prevent burn genies.
    When you go to parties , you have no problem bringing your friends with you , who are not invited.
    You have at least 2 relatives abroad.
    You cannot say no, if you were asked something , you don’t feel like to do it, instead you will say Insha’Allah.
    It is normal to phone your friend after midnight and ask him did I wake you up?
    In weddings , you make fool of love belly dancing all the night long.
    While on the phone you make hand gestures and you raise your voice.
    You never speak Darija when you meet other always try to speak their dialects.
    Most of your design clothes are fake
    You blame all your problems on others, bad economy,maktoub (destiny) or black magic
    You are used to bribing as long as you get your own paperwork done/
    you go at least once a week to Hammam.
    you are very generous warm keep saying kool..koool (eat)to your guest..until he gets sick..
    If you score more than 10 ..congratulation you are Moroccan...

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    Welcome to I like your text very much Hope you stick aroound. Greetings and Best Wishes.
    What can you do to compare to the Rain?


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      by the way I am Amina ,a Moroccan from Berkane who lives in holland..


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        Hi and welcome Amina, I checked out your blog... I like it. The paintings by the artist ibrahim bouhamadi are very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
        If you be loved, be worthy of love.


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          Hi , How are you everybody ? I am Chinese .I am new here . I am very sorry I can not control this web fluently . Could you help me ? Help , Help .


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            I am Chinese

            Hello , Everybody . I am sukey from China . Very glad to know this web ,but sorry I can not handle it . I need your help . Please help me . Thanks very much !


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              Hi and welcome Angelinasukey, What are you having problems with? you managed to post...what else is there you need to know. I will help if you need let me know what you are having difficulties with and I will try to help.
              If you be loved, be worthy of love.


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                Hi , Arwen . Thanks for your attention to me . Yeah , I have many problems . I want to post something just like Yaminaaa , but I can not find where to do that ? I want to to add someone as friends , but I can not find them and how to add (if I can add from this web ? ) Here the buiness listing , what mean , I click it , but nothing come out . Oh , so many many problems . Could you help me ? Thank you so much !


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                  If you scroll down to the bottom you will see the links that may be of help to you. morocco channel services and morocco channel information. If you want to share your blog then just cut and paste the link I think will work. But this is a discussion forum so advertising sales and services is not allowed. Spam is very annoying.

                  Not sure what you mean about adding friends. Do you mean members on here or others? I'm sure if you contact admin or a moderator they could help you further. Anyway I hope you stay and contribute as it's nice to hear from differnet people and share experiences.

                  What is your interests in Morocco?
                  If you be loved, be worthy of love.


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                    Welcome! How Can We Help You?

                    Hi Angelina,

                    Welcome to It's great to see you on our forums!

                    I've sent you a PM. When you are logged in, just click on "Private Messages" below your user name to be taken to the Control Panel for your user profile.

                    Best wishes,


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                      Arwen , thank you so much . I will try . I want to add some members registered in this web as friends . If you have other better , simple communication websites , maybe can introduce to me .

                      I want to know Morocco people , custom , ecomomy , business etc .


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                        At this site you have to post in different categories to try to find out information. Hopefully you will get a response. All you can do is reply. As for friends, we are all friends here.
                        Try post on open board by administration.
                        What can you do to compare to the Rain?


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                          Queen , thanks . I will try . Hope we can be friends .


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                            Hahahahahahahahaa. Nice!!
                            ...If you want to be succesfull, you have to resist love... Jihane S.

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