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What's your opinion in downloading movies and music, for free?

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    alright...i see...


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      re: downloads

      For try before u buy, I say all good, for intent to rip off, that's theft, record companies's own stats show ppl that download are four times more likely to buy music than normal people, they are not worried about people downloading for personal pleasure, artists are not worried either it creates brand awareness and helps spread the word, most of the people that download end up buying the the original songs/movies if they really like them, what worries the record companies is that some of the ripped music ends up on sale at car boot sales/school yards etc.. or played in clubs where money is made, so if you make money from ripping music and films then you're stealing, but if u're downloading to preview then it's borrowing.

      General rule is if u download a song or film don't burn it on CD/DVD media, cos that CD/DVD is more likely to end up on sale at some point.
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        I think that illegal downloading isn't that big a deal, they say that by doing this your supporting organized crime but the only crime i can see is the ridiculous prices they charge at cinemas to watch a usually crappy film.
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          Hi everyone;
          i think as long as the website offers to you to download music, you can just go for it. i dont think thats illegal, otherwise the website which should be suspect.