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importing vehicles permanently to morocco

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  • importing vehicles permanently to morocco

    Hi Everyone.

    I am new to this site and find a lot of the information useful but i do have a query which i cannot seem to find a direct answer.

    I have currently bought some land in Morocco and in the process of building my own home and have plans to set up a business and hope to be up and running and also living out there by the end of 2011.

    However, Due to the nature of my business I am about to purchase an ex-army off road truck with plans to convert it into an overland expedition truck both for private and commercial use.

    The question I have is the fee's that I will have to pay such as export duty etc. l am aware that the cost to permanently export a truck to Morocco from the UK is costly but I am purchasing the truck for a good price and the conversion will make the truck more profitable when completed.

    The truck will cost approx 5500euros and will be exported with this valuation in mind and not the value when it is converted. I would be most grateful if anyone can offer genuine information on this subject because to date I have no clue to how the export duty is calculated and how much i will be expected to pay.

    I would also be grateful for any information on the procedure and the paperwork I will need to fill out for exporting a vehicle permanently from the UK to Morocco.

    I have tried to contact the Embassy but to date not had a reply so is there any particular office in Morocco that i need to communicate with? any addresses will be useful.

    Thank you for your time and look forward to your replies. I would just like to add that I am purchasing vehicles in Morocco for my business but this particular truck cannot be easily found in Morocco and I do not require any answers stating that I am better off buying my vehicles in Morocco because I am aware that this is the better option hence buying all my vehicles in morocco, but i am willing to pay whatever costs to permanently export this truck.

    Thanks again for your time

    kind regards

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    Hi Shaun, really sorry you have not had the response for your query that you'd hoped. I would guess that the Embassy would be the best port of call for info. If they do not know then at least they should know of someone who does. Hope you hear something soon, and you are able to get your truck to Morocco. Good luck with your new enterprise.
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      Here , you are not going to get response properly..Go and join a proper thread and get the desired results there.
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