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  • Make Your Own Car On The Cheap

    If You have a Few Bicycle parts lying around, why don't you make your own Formula1 Beating Car, Hell you could make your own Cruise Missle, LOL

    I first came accross this site 4 years ago almost, when a mate (building weapon systems for the military -BAe systems-) sent me a video showing the use of Pulse Jets, (Pulse Jets were used By The German Luftwaffe To Blitz London during WWII) they have that distinct Bumble bee sound that the londoners used to fear as the V Bombs were coming in.
    More recently this got pretty huge in the model airplane making scene, This guy is now making Cruise Missles is his garage for less than $US 5000.00, Check it out yourself Here

    I espcially love the Reedless Pulse Jet Design, a Lockwood Hiller, It's just an Old exhaust pipe and a spark plug and some fuel, LOL

    Visit This Project


    Damn it man you could bolt this on you Car and get yourself some extra get up and go LOL

    For More Power You'd need a Turbo Jet, Scoop Jet or a Scram Jet, Just Google them, you could very well be on your way to making your very own Jet Car or Bike.


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    More On Jets

    More on Jets

    A Tiny TurboJet Straped to a Skateboard LOL

    The Following is a Home Made TurboJet
    Click Here.

    For Some Applications and Prices Click Here $199 bucks for 235720 KW Power, Damn it.


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