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  • A reminder

    The snarky comments, the trolling, the arguments, the threats to leave (though you continue to post throughou the day) can all be avoided...

    Just a reminder first however :-

    The forum is meant to be for fun, boredom or whatever pleases your fancy... not combat. If you’re simply too young or too immature to control your own behavior and/or you can’t talk with other people who think differently than you do without acting like an ***, you don’t belong here and it’s best that you just move along now.

    Some of us may have different opinions because you have chosen to define your identity as a poster/particular postings by that one viewpoint, you might tend take it personally when another poster disagrees with that closely held belief. But the reality is that unless that poster denigrates you specifically, it's not a personal attack, it’s a difference of opinion and that’s allowed. When the predictable 'freedom of speech' gets involved, I (and many others) seriously LOL. We respect your right to state your opinion. However, that does not mean that people must respect the opinion itself. And your right to free speech does not supersede others’ rights to the same. So consider what you say, because it does have consequence. So Stop it. Please.

    Trolling doesn’t fall under your right to free speech. We will not attempt to definitively define trolling/flaming/bashing. (Sorry, loophole fans!) But as the Supreme Court said about pornography, we know it when we see it -- and quite frankly, so do you. So just don't do it. Really, just don’t. Baiting or inflammatory posts designed to attract or elicit predicable responses are not appropriate and persistence in this activity can result in suspension or banning. Threads that have gone off the topic of the forum with no signs of returning will be closed. It's not productive discussion, it's mean, it's rude, it wastes time & bandwidth, and just dumps a bunch of negativity out into a world that has more than enough right now.

    To avoid all the bickerments:-

    Finally YOU CAN IGNORE MEMBERS - PLEASE USE THIS FUNCTION We do not pay for this for nothing. If you do not like a particular member - Ignore thenm (You can do this via your User control Panel). This will result in you IGNORING ALL MEMBERS POSTS. This is the best advice I can give you.

    Moderators are doing their job, no need to flame us if you do not listen. It's not that bad, just keep up with the pace. Any questions email us or drop us a PM.

    Many thanks,

    Whenever God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window ~ The sound of music

    ~Chica~ Caretaker of *the (thee)* blue shirt