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British woman married a Moroccan man now need to divorce

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  • British woman married a Moroccan man now need to divorce


    I am British and married a Moroccan man over 2 years ago. Unfortunately a week after our honeymoon I discovered that he had slept with another girl while we were engaged. As we were already married I decided to give him a chance and we have been living together in the UK.

    However, I still don't feel I can trust him. He disappears and comes home at 10am without answering his phone or calling me. He knows it upsets me and makes me worried - I have talked to him and he says he won't do it again... he has also been lying about where he went (said he was working but was actually drinking). Given the fact that he cheated, I don't trust him! And he keeps coming home late without telling me. On top of that I am often supporting him financially and I am really resentful about what a rubbish husband he is.

    I've kicked him out and he still doesn't seem to understand... he seems to think if he gives me some space that things will just return to normal and I will return to moaning at him and putting up with the same old rubbish. I don't want to have kids with a man who can't support himself and that I don't trust.

    So I would like to know how to get a divorce. We married in Morocco and had an akht there, but we didn't register the marriage in the UK. I'm not sure if that means we are legally married in the UK - as the British embassy had told us to register in the UK.

    And how can I get a divorce from the Moroccan akht? Do I need to go to Morocco to do it?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    I am South African coccasian married to an algerian berber. unfortunately i dont have advice on how to get a divorce BUT i can tell you the following. Do whatever you have to do to get it, and after you did start running and NEVER EVER look back.My husband is the same as yours and worse. You can thank your God that you are the one working otherwise you could end up getting only 2 bootles of shampoo in 3 years time. Kicked stupid when you are pregnant, receive food only enough for 2 days(which he get from the vegetable markets trowaways) but he is expecting it to last [email protected] forever. if it is finished in a week he will tell you that you are eating to much (he will eat with you) and he will treaten you every second day that he will not buy you food. you can also get SIDS which you would get the blame for, and he will go to the doctor for medicine and just ignore you even if you demand to get medicine aswell.
    Dont ever trust him again, he didnt accidentlly fall naked on this other women, it was a conscious discion he made. I do hope that one of the respectable moroccan poeple will give you the proper advice on getting a divorce, though