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husband got citizenship and departed USA,

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  • husband got citizenship and departed USA,

    He's in the pattern of moroccan men. He married for the card, got his citizenship, and left the united states
    and disappeared, leaving no address, no nothing. Now, he says he wants a divorce, which is fine.
    However, can't he get his divorce in morocco? (maybe he already had a divorce, I don't know). He
    has kept "his paper marriage" a secret from his family. However, if they find out... he's gonna be in
    trouble with his parents.

    From me, he gets nothing and has nothing. we did a pre-nup and have nothing in community. So, I
    think it would be good for his to divorce there. Maybe his family will find out, he would deserve this.
    (i really hate to say this, but when u treat someone like they are the scum of the earth, u just do not
    deserve good things. He is proud to have treated me like s.... and I have done nothing to deserve it.

    So, he should suffer his own consequences with his family. He is into the teaching of Allah and I have
    no problem with that at all, but Allah does not teach the way he treats me.
    The bible says, what goes around comes around.

    so, can't he divorce me in morocco.. or should I contact an attorney there and do it... he also does
    not want to be served with papers, again fearful that his family will find out. This might be good!

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    Sorry your marraige did not work out as you hoped. I think you are well rid of him, because if he can use and treat you in this way then he's a poor excuse for a man and you are worth more than that.

    You were wise to protect your assets with a pre-nup, surely if this and the marraige were performend in the USA then the divorce should haapen there. Regards his family finding out...well I think these things have a way of coming out eventually cos when a person lies and cheats one day it comes back and bites them on the ***.

    God see's all, I'm supprised he does not realise this fact, so to be sure he will get his punishment if not in this world then the next.
    If you be loved, be worthy of love.


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      husband got citizenship and departed USA

      Thanks so much. I hate to say it and hope Allah won't punish me.. but I hope it does come and bite him....
      he will certainly deserve it. He said his family would probably disown or disinherit him... that might be
      good. He will find out all is not a joke! He seems to luv treating me like ****.. and others too.
      he is very "self-oriented"! I am not.
      I would luv to send his citizenship paper to his family that shows married! He has kept it a secret from
      his family! He preaches about the teachings of Allah... which is fine with me, however Allah would like
      his behavior nor his actions at all. So one day, he will pay for his misgivings I hope.


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        I know what I will say won't help now as what's done is done, but personnally too much preaching about once religion especially him preaching about allah and all, and u being christian should have raised red flags from ur part. how can he get his divorce in morocco since u aere married in the states and divorce law changed in morocco, the new king has given more rights to women with what's called( the moudawana) a new law concerning divorce and women rights in general. Do not divorce him, wait til he gets married in morocco and then bring up the issue. get advice from an immigration attorney. I am moroccan myself, lived in the US for well over a decade, I live I casablanca now and I know how it goes when it comes to getting a green card. heck with everything going on now with immigration laws, ask ur lawyer if there is a possibility to have his citizenship revoked, obviously he does not deserve it...


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          If she does not divorce him in the USA and he remarries in Morocco, will he be commiting bigamy? and if so will he be in serious trouble for that?
          If you be loved, be worthy of love.


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            he will be comitting bigamy under US law. so since he got his citizenship, I am sure that he probably thinking about moving back to the US with his new wife.


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              Originally posted by morocconow View Post
              he will be comitting bigamy under US law. so since he got his citizenship, I am sure that he probably thinking about moving back to the US with his new wife.
              Really...has he no shame... obviously not if that is his plan.
              If you be loved, be worthy of love.


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                husband got citizenship and departed USa

                i appreciate all your inputs. i did a pre-nup, so he gets nothing but the citizenship!
                He does not deserve this at all.


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                  husband got citizenship and departed Usa

                  Here is one of his comments after he got his citizenship, "This country (meaning USA) has done nothing
                  for me, I don't know why I am doing this." at that point, I thought he should just leave the USA.

                  I do not think he is using his USA pass port at all and uses his moroccan pass port. there is no problem
                  with this at all, however he has kept "how he got his citizenship a well guarded secret" because he is
                  afraid his parents will disinherit him for one reason or another. He has totally misrepresented himself
                  to his friends, his family, he has two lives, one for single life and the secret life for the card. I fully believe in
                  "what goes around comes around", he will deserve this. my heritage is lebanese and I am very comfortable
                  with the teaching of Allah. I also do not think you treat anyone with total disrespect and mental abuse.
                  He has enjoyed treating me like scum of the earth, which i "took it", i shouldn't have done this. I hope i
                  am there at his judgement day!


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                    Niree, really sorry to hear you have been treated so badly. He sounds a real loser with a capitol L. Two lifes are hard work to sure he will trip himself up one day, then his life of double dealing and deceit will be laid bare for all to see. I'm pleased to hear you have found the strength to cut him out of your life. Put thoughts of him behind you and move on with a positve step to the rest of your life. As long as you fret about him being punished for his wrongs you give him a power over you.

                    As you say come judgement day, weather you're there to see or not be sure he will get what's coming.
                    If you be loved, be worthy of love.


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                      in my country some algerian men pay women to get married and a few years later get a devorce, i'm starting to think my husband is the same as yours


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                        If that's so takfa...then divorce him first on your terms. ;-)
                        If you be loved, be worthy of love.


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                          husband got citizenship and departed USa

                          Here it is some 10 years later We have not divorced yet. but he has asked me about it. I know that
                          his friend is living in the area. Maybe I should go ahead and divorce him. However, i'm not really sure
                          if he is married there or not! The only time he contacts me is to see how I file income taxes! I find this
                          amusing! I know the girl friend knows but not sure about his family. I would assume he should be
                          served with papers.]]

                          Does anyone have a good plan for this? He has been lying to everyone for years! THis needs to bite
                          him in many ways.

                          Any advice? Or what is the best way to do this.