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I married a Moroccan man in the US and need a divorce since he fled the country

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  • I married a Moroccan man in the US and need a divorce since he fled the country

    We were only married 2 weeks, before he fled the country, after he found out I wasn't a full US citizen when we married. I was a full citizen 3 weeks after he fled back to Morocco. Now he is married again in Morocco and I am engaged and cannot get married. My lawyer is trying to get help from Moroccan lawyers, but no one will help, even with a large sum of money being offered. Can anyone help with information on whom I can get legal help from in Morocco? Is it possible that no one in that country would help, even for good money? We've had investigators searching for him in Morocco, but have found little information on his whereabouts, other than a photo of his new marriage from an online social website. Is there anyone out there who can point me in the right direction? Money is not an option to get this situation fixed. And in addition, I think it's pretty sad that a man would marry someone just for citizenship and then flee the country, not getting what he wanted. Thanks in advance.

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    go to a facebook group called "trash in Morocco"


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      Its a sad thing but not very common thing in morocco where young guns and single men only dream abt a life in the west and a old hag with money so they dont have 2 work + the citizenship.
      No sooner they have citizenship all the sweet promises go up in the air & they marry a girl of their choice of their origin.

      U must really teach the S** a lesson he will never 4get.


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        Moroccan group

        Please go to the Facebook group called " Trash in Morocco" , join it and tell your story to the world


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          Well, my mother has had the same story with my dad... After 13 years he finaly sign the papers...
          ...If you want to be succesfull, you have to resist love... Jihane S.

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