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Women's rights Ministry of Justice to publish guide

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  • Women's rights Ministry of Justice to publish guide

    Zhor El Horr, the president of the Derb Soltane El Fida family court (Casablanca), announced Friday that the Ministry of Justice is about to publish a guide to help magistrates apply the new Moudawana family code.

    El Horr, who was participating in a meeting on “The Family Code, One Year After its Application” in Casablanca, explained that the application of the Family Code clauses made it possible to pick out some 128 legal restrictions that the Ministry of justice had managed to overcome.

    However, El Horr lamented that mentalities, judges' lack of continuous training and the insufficient number of social workers, made it difficult to apply the new family code.

    At the same meeting, two lawyers from the Casablanca bar, Zhour Al Forate and Lakbira Chater, insisted on the need to adapt the Moroccan family code to international conventions and called for the reinforcement of the reconciliation council by including a social worker.

    Concerning divorces and their impact on children, Al Forate and Chater also insisted on the need to listen to children since they are the first victims of the divorce.

    They suggested that the words “handicapped children” be replaced by “children with urgent needs.”