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Pakistani General say, Foreign Intervention Challenging Pakistan

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  • Pakistani General say, Foreign Intervention Challenging Pakistan

    Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC), General Tariq Majid, has urged the world to realise that the daunting internal and external challenges that Pakistan faces today are largely intertwined and the country is in vortex not by choice but because of regional and international circumstances, which in many ways are beyond its control.

    While speaking about the eradication of terrorism and violent extremism on Thursday he said, “In our future counterinsurgency actions, we will keep in perspective a larger strategic picture, especially the unfolding of events in Afghanistan and sustainability of domestic support for our counterinsurgency strategy in an environment of possibly increased reactive violence and a fragile economy.”

    He stated, “We have to be mindful of the blatant pursuit of military preponderance in our neighbourhood.” Growing power imbalance due to continuing build-up of massive military machine, including both hi-tech conventional and nuclear forces, adoption of dangerous cold start doctrine and proactive strategy, more assertive posturing especially after very exceptional civil nuclear deal and notions of two front war are all destabilising trends, carrying implications for Pakistan’s security. “Therefore, retention of essential nuclear capability to maintain credible minimum deterrence against any possible aggression is our compulsion and not a matter of choice,” added.
    He further said as a responsible nuclear weapon state and despite being a non-NPT country, Pakistan has always supported the non-proliferation efforts and its position on disarmament issues has remained consistent and pragmatic. “We however, demand our rightful place as a nuclear weapon state and reject discriminatory policies,” he added.

    While speaking about Fissile Material Treaty (FMT) discussions, he said that FMT was only Pakistan specific which was unacceptable. “Countries of the world need to be sensitive to our security concerns rather than attempting in vain to browbeat us or riding roughshod over our concerns,” he added.

    He made these remarks while addressing the convocation ceremony of National Defence Course, Armed Forces War Course and Allied Officers War Course at National Defence University, Islamabad. Posted in The Nation

    Source: Pakistan Ideology