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My story, Ahmed and Ishtar

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  • My story, Ahmed and Ishtar

    Let me make it perfectly clear that I wrote entire story of Ahmed and Ishtar on Laughable thread. My library card is registered to me Gloria Ryder and I have this card ever since I joined and worked for the Ocean County library. Most all of the story has been written at the Manchester libray branch under my card number I have always had and still do. I log onto at this library and use my user id WitchQueen and my personal password every time I am on the library computers. Also during 2005 to 2010 mwhen working on the story and the Mosque Palace the CIA probably kept checking out the sites I have been on.Also I worked for National Council on Aging, Washington DC and worked on the story a few times and Washington always knows what sites their employees are vivsiting like me and they never cared what I surfed while working there for 7 years. Also my friends on Facebook.They checked Muslim sites for would be terrorists. Clear now.
    What can you do to compare to the Rain?