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Marrying a Moroccon-Was this going to be a REAL or FAKE MARRIAGE?-Please Help

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    No, I'm not moroccan, but have visited Morocco quite a few times and I have friends there. I have heard of Moroccans marrying for visas etc. I have also heard the same from Tunisia and other similar countries. It happens but that in itself does not mean your fiancée is doing the same. I'm sure many marry for genuine reasons. Probably more to do with the person than the culture. Are their expectations being met in their own country or do they just feel the grass is greener on the other side, so to speak. Hard thing to judge.

    Maybe you could ask what are her expectations of married life with you. Does she wish that you live in Morocco or would she prefer to move to the UK.? Does she have a career at present and does she want to continue it after marriage? Is she interested in higher education to improve her prospects the better to contribute to your married life together.? Or is she looking for someone to provide for her, you could suggest this may not be possible if you lived in the UK, with the cost of living being higher, that she may have to get some kind of job.

    Hope it works out for you.
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