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  • Help...Looking to move to Morocco

    We live in PA, US. We have been trying desparetly to find reliable information on such things as the costs of living (food, renting, average monthly expenses, etc.), an affordable town/city to live in that is both beauitful and safe, what we would have to do to enter Morocco and live there, health care system, traveling with a pet, hiring someone to help us get around and shop, etc.

    My husband has just retired and we would be living on a set income. I would consider working after a time and we were hoping not to purchase a flat in one of those retirement communities. We want to live among the people and be able to still interact with westerns as well. Most of what we have been reading has sounded positive and that excites us but we have read some negative info. concerning safety, health care and people not being as friendly as well and that makes us somewhat anxious. We do not think we would be able to viisit first, so getting all the infomation and planning in advance is crucial.

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    to be honest with you. in my opinion you are better off living in USA. if you are really looking to explore the "culture" then why not move to Iraq or Afghanistan. You will find lots of westerns out there.


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      That's a huge a difference between Morocco and the two places you mentioned.
      Morocco in beautiful country.


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        I agree Morocco has one of the beautiful sceneries around the world....

        Especially their hotels... cozy and nice to stay..

        You can view the below link for samples of beautiful hotels in Morocco:

        Click here --> Morocco Hotels


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          you should look into Essaouira or Asila. I would choose Asila myself buz it is close to tangiers and you can hop on a ferry and be in Europe in an hour. I found the Moroccan people to be very friendly and kind. It is a very affordable country with fantastic fresh fruit and veggies. Asila is one of the most beautiful seaside towns in Morocco.
          The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. ~ St. Augustine


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            Yes Essaouira is a great destination. also be aware that cost of living in Morocco went up since Morocco became a hot spot for foreign investment, business and real estate wise.
            Good luck


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              how high is the cost of living?

              hi can you quantify how high is the cost of living in Morocco?

              I'm also planning to move to Morocco and I'd like to know how much I need to demand from my company if they relocate me to your country.

              I've lived in key urban cities like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Manila in Asia. I'd say Singapore so far has the highest cost of living with a piece of apple amounting to about 70cents (US$).

              how much is to rent a decent and comfortable flat in Casablanca?


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                Moving to Morocco

                I need to warn you of the fundamental issues with Morocco is the corruption, and it goes way way up to the aware, what ever you do , make, ask, need , want always some sort of pay behind it...word of warning...corruption corruption .....and very very beaucratic....this is what the French left to their cronies



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                  Essaouira, the dream

                  Essaouira is the most beautiful place in the Morld.....It retains all the culture and traditions of Morocco and also offers a place of peace and tranquility for the body and the mind. I have been many times but prefer to visit it alone to reflect on life and reality. To walk along the sea wall and watch the boats leave the harbour as the sun rises is spiritual and teaches one the value of living for the day.....If I could chose a place to die it would be Essaouira at sunrise on a spring is as near to my God as I can imagine...


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                    Originally posted by HG View Post
                    I need to warn you of the fundamental issues with Morocco is the corruption, and it goes way way up to the aware, what ever you do , make, ask, need , want always some sort of pay behind it...word of warning...corruption corruption .....and very very beaucratic....this is what the French left to their cronies

                    Corruption is a universal phenomena. while it may be relatively more in morocco but that attribute is to the poverty, less no's of educated lot and lesser job oppurtunites in morocco. Also the cost of living there is higher( almost like EU) than the per capita income of the Ppl of the country which makes PPl the way they are.
                    In fact its the same in Egypt, Algeria,Syria,Jordan and Lebanon.

                    With the country depending a lot on imports the Ppl find it difficult to cope up with things as they become expensive . Producing and manufacturing Industries are few and the main exports are Phosphates only. So they depend largely on tourism industry and the govt there and the Govt there has taken no pains to understand this and depreciate the Dirhams, just to earn more from the tourists.
                    Had they depreciated their currency many things wud become cheap for Ppl giving them more buying power.
                    Also it wud boost their exports and earn them more money than just tourists coming there.

                    So in such circumstances they look upto tourists for hat extra buck.

                    Cheers Buddy


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                      Hi everyone. What i can say about living in Morocco is that if you really want to move over there, just go for it and do it. Morocco today is Morocco 15years ago. Alots of things have changed, i am a pure Moroccan -we use that term to show that we really are Moroccans because there are Classes in Morocco- and i know my country veryl well, take this, in Morocco, the authorities look after tourists more than they do with Locals thats really nasty, but thats how it is. Someone mentioned corruption, i see that Corruption is everywhere, i didnt think that i would hear that there is corruption in UK. But still, it is real. I cant find how 'Corruption' will affect tourists, it just kicks the locals *** out.

                      In general Speaking, Morocco is such a wonderful country but unfortunately the government havent realised that yet.


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                        It would cost you like 3000 DHS (371 $) to 4000 Dhs ( 497 $) to get a comfortable flat in casablaca .. but you can always find something decent at a lower price .. Concerning the cost of living ,I don't think it is as high as in Singapore : 1MAD = 0.123563 USD so just gotta calculate