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    Greetings to you all,

    We are all acting as embassadors of Morocco throughout the world!

    For this, we have chose to conduct a school project about Morocco.

    We would like you to share your experience about Morocco, and your travel within Morocco. We also have a website made, but unfortunetly we have not been able to host it yet. The forum is meant to be part of the website, that is about getting a break in Morocco. Here is the text that we have on our main page, so that you get the grip of what the website is about:

    Have you not been to the land of wonders yet?

    Then, this is your chance. There is no excuse not to come visit the great land of diversity. Morocco is a land so rich in heritage. You will for sure feel out of your self once there. A feeling described by many as "breath taking"!

    Do not hesitate to take a step forward and visit Morocco. No one should miss this chance! Families, couples, individuals, friends, groups, teams. No excuse to miss anything. You say your busy? If you are a busy man, or a business man, whichever comes first, then all you need is a weekend! Motivate yourself by offering yourself a chance to get a refreshing experience!

    From snow slopes to deserts, you can find it all here!

    Please visit our forum and share your experiences. Help us keep this forum alive. We have our final exam that is a meeting to defend our site on thursday 19th of january, and we would like to prove that marketing Morocco as a project is the best theme one could choose. And to do that, we need the most threads on our forums.

    Here is the link to our forum:

    Please give it your best, and thank you again.

    Mounia bounejmate
    +212 60 70 14 40

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    I dont get it... The most Moroccans in Holland go every year for a month to Morocco. Aren't you..? Its like
    Some of you never went or went 1 time in there whole life... Is it true what I'm thinking..? Or is it just wrong..?
    ...If you want to be succesfull, you have to resist love... Jihane S.

    The Netherlands, 荷兰, Niederlande, Pays-Bas, Hollanda, Hollandiya, Nederland, Нидерланды, オランダ, هولندا