Huddled in the darkness
my pain and anguish bare.
Nothing there for comfort
just the cloak of my dispair.
It hurts to breath, this pain
I think my broken heart.
Trapped behind its wall of ice,
I will it to restart.
My eyes open just a peep,
to let the tears fall.
There you stand full of grace
A loving smile upon your face.
The morning sun behind you
makes a halo of your hair.
You reach out to touch me.
I shrink back fearfully.
for in my fragile and brittle state.
I'm sure that I will break,
Shatter into a billion shards.
Like so much cosmic dust.
to blow away upon the wind
back to you I trust.
You clasp my hand so tightly
and pull be to your chest.
I feel safe in your embrace
the warmth and love that's best
Courses through my veins,
my muscles and my bones.
It seems to me that I have found.
At last a longed for loving home.
Bereft of words, I cannot say
what you have done for me.
but if you could just read my mind
I'm sure that you will see.
a thousand thanks from my heart,
for this precious gift for me.
This small thing, one tiny thing..
to live my free.