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Take my Hand.

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  • Take my Hand.

    Take my hand,
    Guide me through the pain,
    Where tears fall softly
    Like the gentle rain.
    Free my soul to soar above
    The world I loved so well.
    Through sky of blue,
    And sparkling seas,
    Golden sands, fields of green.
    Open my eyes to wonders,
    I may have never seen.
    As we drift through endless night,
    Show me the stars I pray,
    Strewn across the heavens
    In a dazzling display.
    Glittering like diamonds,
    Such a wondrous sight.
    When at last we come to rest,
    Pray let it me with thee,
    So we can be together
    For all Eternity.
    If you be loved, be worthy of love.

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    What a lovely, heartfelt poem Arwen.
    You have a talent for expressing yourself beautifully.
    Is this addressed to someone in particular?


    • #3
      Thanks Emgee for your kind words. It came to me as I were thinking one night when I make the final journey into the great unknown ...Who will be there to guide me? If anyone.......;-)
      If you be loved, be worthy of love.


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        It sounds to me that you have been pondered the great (unanswerable I think) questions of Why are we here? Where did we come from? What awaits us after death? What is it all about?

        Hope you reach some satisfying conclusions :-)