Sun shining, sky of sapphire blue,
White clouds like cotton candy, drifting.
The scent of new roses
As I bend to catch their scent.
He's there...Death, watching with his silent smile.

Darkest night, sky of velvet black,
Stars strewn randomly like diamonds
Full lantern moon, lighting the night
With its silvery brightness.
He's there... Death, waiting with his patient smile.

I will ignore him, will not look.
I sense him at the periphery of my vision.
I have my love to keep me safe,
It’s not my time, he's come too soon
He waits...Death, with his knowing smile.

Day may come, who can tell
When joy has gone and tiredness creeps.
When pain wears away the soul
When I may look and see him there...Death.
And greet him as a friend.

But not this day.