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  • ajar33
    i have feled your pain all these years. Mail me.

    Ajar (you know who)

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  • freemocy
    Feel like I am losing you
    but I am fighting to be near you
    until our lives separate
    I will try to be near you

    all I see is the live in your eyes
    for another girl who I wish I was
    I wish that I could be the one
    the you could love

    I think that you are the one for me
    you have make me feel complete again
    I would do anything to be close to you
    can't you see I care for no one but you

    I hope that you will decide to give
    me a chance to prove to you
    how much I truely care about you
    I want to give my love to you

    why does this have to be
    why did I never get the chance
    to show you what I know we could be
    I just want to know I can't have the chance

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  • freemocy
    She treats me with this emotion
    That I have never felt before
    Deserving more than I’ve given
    She doubts my knowledge of her

    Never have I felt this feeling
    This passion that fills my heart
    Why I disbelieved her moral being
    No reason ever came to start

    I search for my reasoning
    Only to find that I have none
    Scared of my unjust feelings
    Hope she forgives what I’ve done

    These thoughts I create will come untied
    No good comes out of this
    They will be removed from inside
    No more pain, only bliss.

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  • freemocy
    When it rains it pours.
    When the rain hits against my window, all I can feel is pain.
    When the lightning strikes and shakes the ground.
    No one comes around.

    The cold wet ground has become my best friend.
    No gentle feeling can Surpress all this pain.

    Sad and Crying all alone, Scared and shatered torn by stone.
    Wet and crying, Scared by the rain that's been falling down.

    Wanting more than just a break, the things that tear my heart into. I have no clue why I love you

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  • freemocy
    I slowly close my eyes now
    Another world I escape to.
    A world of thoughts and dreams
    That are too perfect to be true

    Do I dream of you and I?
    Or is that a waste of time?
    To dream something so ideal
    To dream that you are mine

    We could be together always
    We wouldn’t have to fret
    Our lives could be so perfect
    Our lives could be so set

    It seems so real this love
    I never want to wake
    It would hurt just to think;
    To realize it’s just fake.

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  • freemocy
    Why is love so distinct?
    Is it because hate is apart of everything?
    You say you love me but then
    you hate me.

    Is it love cause you care
    or hate because your scared?
    Inform me of what's on your mind?
    I wasn't born a psychic nor a mind reader?
    But if you in fact do love me why is it that the only
    time you show it or re inform me is when your
    spirits are down.
    Answer me this why does the sun rise in the east and
    set in the west?
    Now answer me this,
    why is love so distinct?

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  • freemocy
    I don't know what to do right now,
    I don't even know how the f*ck to feel
    all I know is I can't stop thinkin of him
    this pain is so f*cking real.

    I want it to go away,
    but I guess I just fell too hard
    this guy dunno what he's missing,
    Just gunna leave me here scarred.
    But f*ck it, guys come and go...
    I just wish there was a way around it,
    I love him...and I want him to know!

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  • freemocy
    What happened in the past
    won't get out of my head
    We were away from each other,
    and now our baby is dead.

    I can't give you another try,
    because it hurts me so bad,
    I want to move on,
    but I don't want you to be sad.
    There came a time in my life,
    when I wanted you and only you,
    but that feeling is gone now,
    and I know what I gotta do.
    I'm so over you now,
    and I like someone else a lot,
    It's not that I don't love you,
    I just can't be with you, I cannot.
    So move on and let go,
    of the great things we shared,
    I just wanna say,
    I'm so glad that you cared.
    If there comes a time in your life,
    when your feeling down,
    just think of me,
    and please don't frown.
    Just don't let love get the best of you,
    You'll always have me in your heart,
    and the last thing I can say is,
    don't let it tear you apart.

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  • freemocy
    I stand here
    watching you leave without looking
    not a word in passing
    and yet I hear you heave a sigh

    as if to hold back in silence
    that imp of a feeling you hide
    whatever it might be -
    so do I.
    But why do we keep this moment hanging?
    Why prolong the pain of waiting?
    Is there a word needed to be said?
    What hope is there worth dreaming?
    Yes, we knew the answers then, somehow
    but kept denying them all
    maybe not, maybe yes, but not now
    chances are, the moment we cross upon each other again
    I wonder if you care,
    just care to look into my eyes for once
    then go, and I'll be most glad till the end
    for I'll remember this moment
    Yes, I will think of you until I forget.
    I wait on a hill to watch the sunset
    when the sun fades in pink afterglows
    like a throb, a glance, a yearning
    that you have left for me, so beautiful
    yet comes, just once
    that way it will always be,
    changed it will never be.

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  • freemocy
    OK, OK this must be the way
    we'll do it to see if it works
    you'll have to try hard in your everyday
    to reap the rewards and perks

    OK, OK I'm talking 'bout Love
    so get real and stop stuffing around
    If we find in heart we will sail above
    and our feet shall never touch ground
    OK, OK I'm ready to do it
    to show you all that I am
    my only fear is to know that I blew it
    but I'll do it I know that I can
    OK, OK I love you so much
    all I can think of is you
    I get so dizzy when I feel your touch
    makes me think that I'll never be blue
    OK, OK you know what I say
    I'll be true to your love for all time
    for me I can say that I wish for the day
    that you tell me that you will be mine!

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  • freemocy
    Don't let me down easy babe
    don't let me down at all
    I want you to be there for me
    always to catch me when I fall

    I never want to think of life
    without you, so hang in there
    with me honey and we'll see
    each other through

    You once told me always be
    strong, so I'll be as strong as
    I can, but you have to understand
    sometimes I need your helping hand

    Let nothing come between us and our
    enemies we shall defeat until all our
    dreams and fantasies are nothing but complete.

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  • freemocy
    Roses are red violets are blue,
    I’m so glad that I met you.
    Love starts with a smile,
    Grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear.

    Let’s stay together, keep things strong
    Cause one mistake and baby you’re gone.
    Sweet love tender you are,
    You love me and I love you.
    Boy your mean, boy your visions,
    But your kisses are delicious!

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  • freemocy
    Take a walk in my days
    Where hopes fade, dreams die, where a reality becomes a sucide pack between my heart and soul
    The remains of a battlefield have become my mind

    I'm numb, my eyes are dry, but I'm crippled with pain
    and drowning in my tears
    I'm weak, but I've strength, a strength called 'love'
    A love that will carry me through my dark days, waiting for my sun filled tomorrows
    The tomorrows where I see your smile
    When I can once again hope, dream and find peace in your arms

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  • freemocy
    What do I do to deserve this?
    Maybe I didn't love you hard enough
    or was it my touch wasn't strong enough
    you let me go relentlessy

    without even thinking of the damage you done to me
    tell me how im supposed to live without you?
    Where everything I had was yours
    and everything about me you knew
    nomore tears left for me to cry
    my eyes are too worn and much too tired.
    But nomore blaming myself for the damage is done
    And tomorrow I will wake in see the rise of the sun
    because now I know that when I had you
    you were the lucky one
    but its much to late now
    my new love has just begun.

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  • freemocy
    Solitude of the Night is here again
    to take me into it's arms...
    And it brings with it few irresistible charms
    The beautiful moon; the twinkling stars

    And the dark sky above
    Give me an undying thirst for love
    Then when the romantic breeze
    Softly kisses on my cheeks
    A chill runs down my spine.
    I feel restless and nothing seems fine

    This mischievous night then
    Leaves me with some dreams.
    That makes me falter
    I then stop and think for a while
    When will I fall in love?
    With no answer to this silly question
    I just shrug and simply smile!

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