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Sanaa Hamri shoots another Prince's video clip

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  • Sanaa Hamri shoots another Prince's video clip

    The young Moroccan video clips director and first-time filmmaker, Sanaa Hamri, has been called by Prince to direct the clip of his new song “Black Sweat.

    After “Te Amo Corazon”, Prince's last song which has been shot by Hamri in Marrakech starring the American actress Selma Hayek, Prince seems to have enjoyed the young Moroccan's expertise in the video clips' directing.

    Contrary to the oriental atmosphere of the previous clip, Hamri has chosen, this time, to focus her camera's lens on a black and white scene of a dark background and a seventies-styled chair placed in the center.

    The video stars Prince together with a woman who dances rather seductively to the music.

    The video has been screened since February in MTV and BET channels and was favourably received by the public.

    “Black Sweat” is a single from Prince's 2006 album “3121” whose release is expected on March. 21.

    Hamri has already collaborated with the artist. She has directed his live concert in Aladdin, in 2002 in Las Vegas. She also directed his singles “Call my name,” “Million days” and “Musicology.”

    The Moroccan director seems to enjoy as much success in filmmaking as in video directing.

    Her film “Something New” headed the top ten of the American box office and was regarded as an easy-to-watch film with an easy-to-understand dialogue.

    Born in Tangier, Hamri is the daughter of the late Moroccan painter Mohammed Hamri.

    She left Morocco for the US at the age of 17 and attended Sarah Lawrence College in New York.


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    i heared her mother is a jewish american, i dn't know if tha helps most


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      i dont really like the Video...Although her other work is great...but i really like the song.
      i was a HUGE prince fan back in the day!!