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I love Country Music!!!!!!

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  • I love Country Music!!!!!!

    i been through lots of narrow-minded critisizin me for loving country music!!! am not tied up to one single genre of music or one singer/rapper just cuz he made a beautiful song in his previous album, does not mean i should commit to his every song.. but i take a good song out from each genre/singer to end up with a good collection of what my ears love to swing for. i am actually a big fan of Country music, the modern/ romantic type of it. some people laughed at me said i am a wanan-be, americanized, cowboy, hillbill....etc, i said not anything that comes out from ur country must be good, n not everything that comes from other countries supposed to be less than ur "good" stuff. i like to listen anything that sounds good, i used to like Hip hop that was before in late 90s when ther was a real pure one like 2Pac, biggies Smallz, Nas, ll cool j, Dr Dre..etc n changed my mind when Eminem n 50Cents showed up!! n Swing music R&B keith sweat, joe, D'angelo..i don't like Arabic music much almost sound the same to me except for Amro diab and Samiraa Said, i completly hate Rai music expecially Cheb Bilal ( his corrupting music pro-violence n revenge) and Cheb hasni!!! i like Khalid and Mami (exception)....etc now i want to recommaned some good songs i love in country genre you might like too:

    Artist Song

    Gretchen Wilson : When you think about Cheating.
    Allen Jackson : Remember when
    Allen Jackson : Midnight in montgomery
    Allen Jackson : It must be love
    Dixi Chicks : Traveling Soldier
    Keith Urban : Tonight i wanna cry
    Uncle Kracker : Follow me
    Shaina twain : Conrede angel

    n this out of genre.. Seal : Love's divine

    if you know any good song of country ill be pleased to hear what u think is good thanks

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    I'm a country fan, too, in some cases, but country is often extremely commercialized. When the songwriting process is too "scheduled" (as is true with most current country) it seems like the end result is too focused on making the rhyme or the catchy phrase. The story and emotion which (in my my mind) should be central to country music, is often lost. The best country songs, I think, are those that are written a little more "organically", often by the person who records them.


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      wat is this kind of music?????? Beurk. u have a teast of boloss
      Ma 3endik ma dir, sme3 radio Mouhajir


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        Wheneva i go to Morocco...i like a bit of Dire Straits...

        suits the climate and...(ahem) Road Trips dat we have ....


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          If you like Country and hip-hop....check out Bubba Sparxxx....pure genius wallah....


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            i know Bubba SParxxx i heared some songs of him, n yeah he try to mix up country n hip hop which does not always end up wit a good result but i like some of them as well.


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              Favorite older country love song= Forever and Ever Amen by Randy Travis


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                Originally posted by GingerSnap
                Favorite older country love song= Forever and Ever Amen by Randy Travis
                I downloaded this song and its nice i do like it, that kinda music i mean!!
                Thanks for recommanding it !


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                  Glad you enjoyed it! I wanted that to be our 1st dance at my wedding, but my husband had something else in mind. Oh well!