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Michael Jackson converted to Islam!!!!

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  • Michael Jackson converted to Islam!!!!

    hey everyone, i don't know if this topic has been discussed before in thes forums, but is it true that michael jackson has converted to islam??? i wonder, i have read in many websites about this but still not confirmed, well the media would have to talk about it but this is weird...i heared a song claimaed to be his, called "Give thanks to Allah" am pretty sure its his own as i checked for the his new albym songs and its in his well can any oen tell me for sure? witha reliable source of information. thanks i think this is goin to be a good thing , do u?

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    Maybe you should post this thread in the Islam section you'll get more replies there

    In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."
    - Martin Luther King Jr.(1929-1968)


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      well i got a reply from u lol but oh thanks ill do post tha there


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        I heard this song last year and for a moment there was no doubt that the voice i was listening to is the one of Michael Jackson , but i was totally wrong."Give thanks to Allah" is singed by the South African Zain Bhikha in an album released in 2000 and titled "Towards the light".He has got a very beautiful voice similar to that one of Michael Jackson.Those who listen to his songs for the first time would mistake him with M.jackson.
        To get more information about his works and songs , check out this link :


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          yeah i heared about that too this guy from south Africa but what made me think its more likley to be him MJ, is tha some lyrics websites had this song "give thanks to allah" was in the name of Michael, and also those websites announced a link between M,Jackson and the nation of islam founded by Malcom X and said he joined them officially and his new name now is Jacko X, and he'd move to live in Bahrain as he's building a mosque there. but not sure, any way islam is merciful and forgiving warmly welcoming anyone who receives the hidaya from allah


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            He did convert to Islam and i have the proof



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              Smooth criminal!! lol tha must be one of MJ video clip shot.. but well is this picture real? of jackson? or jst fake.