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Arwen can play part of Ishtar

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  • Arwen can play part of Ishtar

    I like to send greetings to everyone here at I have decided that Arwen of Lord of the Rings can play the part of Ishtar. I think that would be really great. Since there are two Chinas in the story, One on Edina and the one on Xanthia There will be no Poland in the afterlife. They are full of Nazis who prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls like they do here in USA. They have their Polish Mass in Saint Mary of the in Lake Actually in the story North Korea and China control the Chinese Province on Xanthia So this is how the story will continue. Israel stays on Edina where it has been written. so I think I have people to help with the story here so it can be finished. Xquisit fromn NorthAfricaOnline can play the parts of Xquisit and Serpentina in the story of Venetia.
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    What can you do to compare to the Rain?