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  • New Moroccan Novel

    A new novel based in Morocco has just been published. It is called 'Imprints of a Gazelle' by Eden Brooks and is available from and Part travelogue, part thriller, it takes the reader in search of a young Algerian woman who has eloped with her Bedouin lover into the Western Sahara.

    It is also a study of two relationships: one, which is brave, caring and supportive, is contrasted with that of Sarah and Alan from London, which is founded on self interest and fear.

    When exposed to the harshness of the desert their weaknesses are brutally exposed. What begins as a holiday turns into a nightmare. Will they both reach safety, and will their marriage still be intact, as they are hunted by police and chased through the desert by a psychopath?

    Historical, cultural and geographical detail bring this fast paced psychological thriller to life, and endow it with a richness of colour and mood that seems to transport the reader into the mountains and deserts of a wild and scarcely populated part of the world, and to the people who inhabit it.

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    Sounds good, I wil see if I can get a copy.
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