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  • Writing difficulties

    Students find the writing task very difficult. Like all learning problems, writing constitutes a serious problem to students. As students progress in their studies, they are expected to write about what they have learnt in their classes. However, if the students did not develop and improve their writing techniques, they will be unable to keep up with their level. As we all know, difficulties, which students face in writing, are rooted in a lot of things that they should have done. Brainstorming, for instance, is the very first stumbling block that student encounter because getting ideas depends on how much they read about their topic. Hence reading extensively counts a lot in being a good writer. Also students do not have enough materials to tackle big issues and get ideas and elaborate on them to come up with a satisfactory product. Also, Students have difficulties in recalling spelling, grammar and punctuation rules. And this problem manifests itself in their writings as: poor vocabulary, misspelled words, and so many other pitfalls.

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    I think computers are making it harder too. students get used to the spell check built in, once they are on their own they can't spell sh*t


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      very true in times when there was no computer ppl had better control on spellings. In 2days times a good foundation of phonetics is helpful to spell and pronounce a word correctly.


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        Discussions are always the main source of accurate information and to ensure a comfortable results, you can get immediate and reliable information, which will definitely help you in every area of your concern.
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