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A view on humanism background

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  • A view on humanism background

    There was serious backdrop against which Humanism emerged. The era known as Medieval Ages contributed a great deal in paving the ground for this movement to come into existence. During this period, the church had the big hand over the whole society. It managed to retain the right to legislate rules that the entire society have to abide by. Man, in this period, was made an animal to generate. Man was subjected to serve the church who pretended to be the representative of God. The church, in the other hand, recommended the idea that Man has to work to pay back to the original sin. This notion, paying back to the original sin, would have not been adopted by the society, if it hasn’t found it’s justification in the Book. Man was a sinner, a son of a sinner and he’ll become a sinner, unless he works hard to serve God. In medieval context, serving God means serving the church. Under all these circumstances, the church kept advocating that the more one pay, the more one will enjoy in heaven. However, this propaganda was made only to persuade and influence people, who were exploited and manipulated in so many ways, to pay and serve more. All these pressures made people poor and feeble to stand up and speak out for their rights. Literature, also, was of great help for the church to reach its wants. Medieval Drama, for instance, was meant to perpetuate and get the idea of the sin deep-seated in people’s minds. It was biblical scenes and stories that were performed in churches and monasteries. Medieval Drama had a didactic function for there was a need to decipher the message of God, so that people can easily understand the miracles and mysteries contained in the Bible. Medieval Drama was there to concretize the abstract and simplify the message of God. All what was mentioned earlier was the context on which Humanism arose, and was the major cause to rethink and reconsider Man as a creature that have to regain its true status that God has apportioned to it among many other creatures. Humanism was that glimpse of hope that elevated man’s standing, and championed him, within a religious context, to defend his beliefs.