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    Just came across this thread and wonder if any of you ladies in Morocco could weigh in on Argan oil, particularly for hair and controlling the frizzies. Been reading more about it lately and want to try it out.

    Do you use it? How much does it cost in Morocco?


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      Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening

      Hi girls,

      I am offering the latest Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Method. This method is revolutionary and completely chemical free. It is kinder on your hair for a start. Keratin hair straighteners actually improve condition by adding Keratin, a natural protein, which helps build resilience, untangling frizz naturally rather than by reconstructing your hair's chemical balance, leaving it dry and course.

      Keratin hair straightener can be used on any hair, regardless of the products you have used in the past - including bleached and dyed hair, hair that has been treated with other chemical strengtheners and relaxed hair. In fact, no matter what condition your hair is in, it won't just straighten, it will also add strength, shine & vitality, no matter how dry or frizzy you are.

      Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, applying a Keratin hair straightener takes between 1 and 3 hours. Instead of making your hair dry and brittle, Keratin treatments actually help rebuild core strength and condition in all types of hair.

      I am a mobile hair stylist based in west London to offer this treatment, for the price of just £80.00.

      E-mail me at



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        frizzy hair

        After washing your hair with shampoo rinse properly and then put conditioner on. leave the conditioner in your hair for at least 5 minutes or longer,rinse your hair but dont remove all the conditioner. if your hair appear oily you can rinse a little more BUT if your hair is still very frizzy you have removed to mush. then you can just put a little bit conditioner on your hands and just pat your hair here and there. comb it trough properly. if you use conditioner at least twice a week after washing, your hair should be fine.
        it works for me but everyone is different though. i hope my advise helps for you.
        kind regards lynette