Morocco SMS and Cellphones explored

Morocco’s cellular market is said to be the fastest growing in the world. The two main GSM operators in Morocco are Meditel and Maroc Telecom. Morocco’s market growth rate for cellular usage is greater than 200%, yet there is still much room for growth. Mobile license holders are mainly making use of equipment from the United States. Cellular reception continues to grow as companies plan to expand and is currently limited to cities and along important travel routes.

One of the most popular services in Morocco is SMS or Short Message Service. This communication service offered by Morocco’s cellular networks allows for quick and convenient message sending. Unfortunately Morocco’s SMS tariffs are the highest in the Arab world calculated at 188% higher than the regional average. However, making use of cellular phone services can in some cases work out cheaper than making use of landline telephones. One of the best ways to budget and save money is by using pre-paid cellular service packages.

If you would like to send SMS’s from Morocco or make a phone call you have several options. One option is to get an unlocked GSM cell phone that has a flexible bandwidth. Another way is to purchase a local SIM card in Morocco. This way you can pay local rates for your calls and SMS’s. Alternatively you can rent a cellular phone in Morocco.

Worldwide, people are always on the search for ways to save money. One of the services offered by many online companies is free SMS’s to Morocco or reduced SMS rates. In return they may place advertising at the bottom of the SMS. Another way to send a free SMS to Morocco or from the country is through e-mail. Be sure to read the fine print as you do not want to be caught out by hidden costs. SMS is a great way to keep in contact and to let people know that you are thinking of them.